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Table Test

EMR:Total Cost*:Online Patient Pay:Mobile Responsive:White Label:Contract:Export Type:
AdvancedMD $983/moYesYesYesnonePDF
Amazing Charts$570/moThird party appThird party appNo14 monthThird party
Care Cloud$916/moYesiOS, not AndroidNo1 yearCCD
Cerner$1,099/moYesYesNo5 yearCCDA
CureMD$728/moNoYesNo5 year.CSV
Elation EMR$249/moNoYesNononeCCD
Hello Health$624/moYesYesNononeCCD
OmniMD$675/moNoYesNo1 year.CSV
PBO MD$167/moNoYesNononeSQL
Practice FusionFreeYesYesNononeCCDA
Praxis EMR$474/moThird party appYesYes4 yearCCDA
Quest Diagnostics$624/moNoYesNo3 yearCCDA
Snap.MDHiddenYesYesNo2-3 yearsCCR
Valant$378/moNoYesNo1-3 years.CSV
*This is the total cost of the EMR/PM with all extra fees averaged over the first 12 months for comparison. For a detailed breakdown of the actual cost, refer to the individual EMR review post and to the EMR's website.